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Specifications, reliability and versatility...

Fitted with a rod mill, our machine can perform drilling, cut milling, engraving, extracting and grooving of materials such as PVC (Forex®, Komacel®, etc.), aluminium, wood, Plexiglas®, Dibond®, etc.

Beside the rod mill, our machine is also designed to load a tangential knife (optional) allowing the cutting of tarpaulin, fine PVC, magnetic surfaces, full-cut and half-cut adhesive... The oscillating tangential knife (optional) can cut cardboard, textiles, leather, foam board, polystyrene, etc.

Our machine is fitted by default with an optical tracking system by video camera allowing the precise execution of cuttings on printed medium. Tracking can be used for cutting by tangential knife as well as by milling.

For an optimal quality and a really high standard of working, our machine is fitted by default with a multi-area vacuum table. The latter ensures the material is well supported during the cutting stage, engraving stage, etc. Powered by a powerful pump, it allows most of the times to avoid the mechanical clamping of the supports on the cutting table.

A touch probe is fitted on each machine. It avoids having to enter dimensions in the software after a change of tool. The machine itself can detect the length of the tool.

The transparent extraction nose and the vacuum cleaner supplied allow for the evacuation of shavings during the milling stages.

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Darrel offers five sizes of digital cutting machines:

1500 x 1600, 1500 x 2000, 1500 x 2500, 1500 x 3000, 1500 x 4000. (in mm, for other sizes, please contact us)

The combination of the different sizes, the optical wedge and the two cutting tools (milling cutter and knife) makes this digital milling machine truly multipurpose for use by sign makers, neon sign makers, carpenters, joiners, manufacturers for small and medium productions, printers, decorators, designers…

Stroke X (mm)16002000250030004000
Stroke Y (mm)15001500150015001500
Milling use size (mm)1500 X 16001500 X 20001500 X 25001500 X 30001500 X 4000
Slab max. width in Y (mm)17001700170017001700
Max. speed (m/min)4040404040
Resolution (mm)0,0250,0250,0250,0250,025
Repeatability (mm)0,040,040,040,040,04
Dimensions (LxWxH, mm)2200 X 2000 X 14002600 X 2000 X 14003100 X 2000 X 14003600 X 2000 X 14004600 X 2000 X 1400
Power supply380 tri 50/60 Hz380 tri 50/60 Hz380 tri 50/60 Hz380 tri 50/60 Hz380 tri 50/60 Hz
Price (euros excl. Tax) with rod 2200 W3014031500328003515038500
Optional tangential knife (euros excl. Tax)5400
Optional oscillating tangential knife (euros excl. Tax)5400
Pack tangential knife + oscillating knife (euros excl. Tax)7000
Optional alcohol spray* for aluminium cutting (euros excl. Tax)800
Delivery**, installation and training (Mainland France)Contact us
* Requires a compressed air inlet
** Subject to feasibility



Digital milling machines calibrated for the sign industry

Darrel’s digital milling machines have been calibrated for the cutting of all stiff materials commonly used in the signage and sign industries such as wood, expanded PVC, Komacel®, Forex®, Plexiglas® and other PMMA, aluminium, Dibond®, etc.

For a tailor-made cutting output from digital printing

To guide the machine on printed support, a camera detects tracking marks. This avoids difficult manual wedging when the cutting must match the digital image. The work to be done is detected which allows for a smooth cutting by milling or tangential knife depending on the material.

For a clean engraving on all materials

Milling capabilities allow to perform all typical engraving works, on all type of materials (Gravopli®, Plexiglas®, aluminium, brass, wood, etc.) The software automatically generates debossing or embossing.

For prototyping, digital ripping, drilling, grooving, shaping

Darrel offers a simple solution to enter the world of digital milling on large scales. Its digital milling machine is set up for the cutting of foam materials, technical textiles, wood and wood-derived panels, for the machining of connector boards, etc.



Milling machine 3000 X 1500, old generation (without the knife or optical tracking). Rod 1100 W, vacuum deck.

24800 euros €Excl. Tax



The remoroting of your digital milling machine:
an ingenious alternative

An interesting solution could be the complete remotoring or retrofit of your old cutting and milling machine’s electronics. The mechanics of machines over 10 (and even 20) years old haven’t usually been damaged. Therefore, updating the electronics and the control software can prove to be a judicious solution.

Milling machines such as Linde, Kühlmann, Scripta, Esab are easily “retrofitables” and can therefore benefit from the huge progress made in software and electronics fields (compatibility, speed, cost of after-sales service).

If you have similar compatibility and reliability issues with the electronics of your old milling machine, do not hesitate to contact us for an assessment. Just to give you an idea of the cost involved, the average cost of a complete retrofit of the motors, the electronics (including wiring) and the command software ranges from 6 000 to 10 000 euros.

Rather than the sheer replacement of a machine, remotorising can be an ingenious alternative indeed


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